Grape Juice Concentrates

SO2FREE Grape Juice Concentrates


SO2Free Grape Juice Concentrates are natural products with no added preservatives (sulphites). Only wine grapes (VITIS VINIFERA) are used to produce our concentrates (no table grapes).


Through an intensive work into R&D, modern technology and processing techniques we have been able to obtain a product with the characteristic flavour profile but with no preservatives.
It is recommendable to ship and store the SO2free Grape Juice Concentrates under refrigerated conditions. SO2Free Grape Juice Concentrates should be booked prior to each crop in order to replenish the proper raw material and processed immediately after. SO2Free Grape Juice Concentrates are identified with a code


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Product specifications

Download our standard specifications for reference purpose. For specific requirements or tailor made products please contact us.