About Us

Keller Juices: Grape Juices, Concentrates & Other Grape Products

Keller Juices s.r.l. is a privately owned company producing GRAPE JUICES, GRAPE JUICE CONCENTRATES, BULK WINE FOR BLENDING and other GRAPE RELATED PRODUCTS. Located in Northern Italy, we are one of the leading players in the market exporting our products in more than 30 countries and supplying a number of diverse industries and customers.

“Turnkey Projects”

Keller Juices can also offer the necessary know how and skilled staff to support start up projects for making wine from grape juice concentrates to the customer’s premises.
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Human resources and business ethics

Keller Juices s.r.l. is aiming to establish a working environment based on mutual values such as respect, trust and teamwork.
We understand Human Resources is key for the success of our business and we support the creation of a suited workplace climate offering employees and workers the opportunities to grow professionally, develop themselves as well as their skills.
We guarantee our business ethics through programs complying with labour and employment laws, including equal employment opportunity policies and procedures, safety and health programs, wage and hour procedures.

Sustainable development and environment

Keller Juices is committed to provide quality products while reducing its environmental impact.
Our environmental friendly approach includes the following principles:
  • efficient energy and water use
  • waste reduction - pollution control
  • improve procedures, products and services
  • mantain first-class certifications and ensure product traceability
  • comply with the current regulations governing the environment
Keller Juices also encourages its employees and workers to do their part to safeguard the environment.